King’s Cross Stories all summer, plus new public park & square next year

Loads to do over the coming weeks, not to mention the exciting plans for 2015

Yee-haw: an all-American Yard Sale in London
Yee-haw: an all-American Yard Sale in London
The cultural calendar at King’s Cross deftly sits astraddle: it’s fun, free and accessible on one hand, while remaining worthy and impressive on the other. Taking a gander through the plans for July and August, the summer is being celebrated with the gusto of a child on a scooter crashing headlong through the fountains at Granary Square.

Yard Sale

We’re particularly looking forward to next Saturday’s (12th July, 10am-4pm) American-style Yard Sale, which sees the lovely West Handyside Canopy filled with over 30 weird and wonderful stalls. It’s a chance to browse vintage fashion and quirky bric-a-brac to a blues and funk soundtrack, complete with lindy hop dance sessions.

The Americana theme will carry over into the food and drink for a proper Western hoedown chow-down experience. If you fancy taking on one of the last few stalls you best email sharpish.

Pool to look something a bit like this. Nice.
Pool to look something a bit like this. Nice.

Sports Day & KERB Saturday

Sports fans have already been making the most of the hot weather, sprawled across Granary Square’s free deckchairs in a Pimms and strawberry coma for the current daily Wimbledon showings Strawberries and Screen. But there’s a chance to be a bit more active back in the same location for Sports Day, Fri 18th and Sat 19th July.


It’s a celebration of the opening of Camden’s brand sparkling new leisure centre at 5 Pancras Square, (that’s two swimming pools, a gym, Jacuzzi and sauna, from only £2.10 a session, don’tchaknow), that promises two immersive days of competitive theatrics, with a chance to join in the tug of war, egg and spoon and other classic decidedly non-Olympic races, with a grand medal ceremony. 5-8pm Fri and 11am-4pm Sat

And if all that exertion sounds too much, the event coincides happily with this month’s edition of streetfood bonanza KERB Saturday, so there will be plenty on offer to replenish the famished athlete.

Another promising artist's impression. This time, the new park
Another promising artist’s impression.

Brand new public park and square

Probably the most exciting announcement of recent weeks is the approval for another big public space, due to transform the scrubby area by the new Stable Street and historic old Coal Drops.

The landscaped park and square – with a capacity for events of up to 2,250 people – comes from the same design team behind the huge success of Granary Square, so it’s no surprise to hear there will be more water features (50 arced jets along one side, no less), gently mounded lawns and rows of Plane trees, all set as a perfect suntrap.

The whole thing should be ready for early next year and if, like us, you can hardly bloody wait, it should be possible to watch the whole construction process from Stable Street. That’s not to mention all those tempting new restaurants currently taking shape there too. We are truly spoiled.

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Loads more Kings Cross Stories highlights can be found here, from floating cinemas to free operas, plus an exciting Boudicca vs the Romans event, which we’ll bring you lots more news of soon too.

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