Two Doors Down. Where?

Another micro coffee joint is setting up shop on Kentish Town Road

Next to Zing Zing is this teensy new cafe. Pic: Stephen Emms
The lower stretch of Kentish Town Road is now well on its way to be becoming a kind of indie cafe central.

That’s not to say that it hasn’t taken its time. Bintang has been there for a langorous quarter century, although eighteen months ago totally reinvented its interior and offer. A few years back it was joined by Arancini Brothers, the smash hit modern diner that’s rammed throughout the day (and has since expanded to Dalston and the City). In its wake popped up rustic Italian coffee merchants Doppio, and the chilled-out bohemian Guanabana Cafe (alongside its more established sister next door). Finally, Zing Zing’s posh Chinese takeaway joined the throng earlier this year. And we know what a mighty response that got from readers.

Next up? Cutely named Two Doors Down, a micro artisan coffee joint and bakery, which, from Monday 26th May, will be brewing up at 73 Kentish Town Road.

Window detail. Photo: Two Doors Down
Window detail. Photo: Two Doors Down

Owner Klara Bernatt-William will serve east London-based Allpress roasted beans (Redchurch Blend), plus loose leaf tea and hot chocolate. And lots of treats: tray bakes, cookies, custard filled brioche buns, gluten-free orange and almond cake, dark chocolate tarts. “But there’ll be savoury items too,” she says. “Things like homemade quail’s egg sausage roll, and a variety of topped toasts, such as beetroot and goat’s cheese, or avocado and tabasco.” A selection of breads from an artisan bakery will also for sale on Saturdays.

She and partner Rich hope that by opening on a Bank Holiday they’ll give locals the opportunity to pop in throughout the course of the day.

“Our plan is to have a different deal each day of our opening week (including the weekend), with a few extra deals too. So basically there’ll be lots of freebies and money off,” she says. “In addition we’ll also have interactive activities and events, as a way of sharing our passion for coffee and the community with locals.”

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Two Doors Down opens at 73 Kentish Town Road on May 26. Follow their progress on Twitter @twodoorsdownNw1

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  • NK

    Looking forward to this! Will be most excellent I am sure. NK x

  • CN

    Very excited for Klara & Rich – welcome to Ktown!! Can’t wait for a sip and a taste of “homemade quail’s egg sausage roll” – sounds like a delish twist on the classic. Great to see Ktown can offer new, creative, independent ventures a space and audience to take a shot at starting up!

  • OBoe Carter

    Popped in yesterday for some tea and cake. They have a wide variety of tea, and even iced tea on offer. The cake was delicious – very moist, tasty, not too much icing…like something that was baked at home. The cafe has a very home-grown feel to it, and not like a massive money machine was behind it like some recent K-town openings. I will be back!