Fashion: Indian tailor residency at Flaxon Ptootch

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Fancy the perfect Xmas party dress? A well fitted suit? Flaxon Ptootch’s new resident weekly tailor has got it covered

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Image: Hibhana

Ever fancied that perfectly tailored suit that fits like a glove but has always been bit out of the budget? Well, now you may just be able to afford it. From Sunday Nov 3, K-Town is getting a little Savile Row treatment in the form of Hibhana, two Indian tailor pals of Flaxon Ptootch who are setting up a weekly pop-up shop in the salon-cum-gallery.

With suits, dresses and shirts starting from £40, pop in and get expertly measured by Nick and Jinal Hibhana, then choose from hundreds of fabrics and be inspired by the examples already made up.

Or why not take down a favourite dress or trousers, then pick the fabric and the tailors will replicate it down to the last stitch? In fact, owner of the salon Michael Ptootch promises readers: “Once you have had a bespoke shirt made, you will never buy one off the peg again”.

They’re off to a good start after their designs have already appeared in an Indian magazine, “but they have just set up and we just wanted to give them a helping hand”, says an always philanthropic Michael.

The famous salon/gallery/whatever.
The famous salon/gallery/whatever.
It’s a true family affair and the father of the new Mumbai-based business will be flying to London to oversee the first couple of weeks. There will also be a Skype connection from the salon to the well-respected factory so customers can watch the seamstresses at work – and see that it’s all very fair trade.

After getting expertly measured, the seamstresses will ship back the garment within a week for a preliminary fitting and then back it goes to Mumbai for the final tweaks, to be returned a week later.

Isn’t all that to-ing and fro-ing leaving a big fat carbon footprint? Fear not! These clothes have a green conscience and Ptootch has partnered with Trees for Cities, who will plant a seed to offset all the shipping’s carbon emissions.

The tailor takeover will happen every Sunday throughout November, starting on 3rd. And Michael promises prosecco (and coffee, if it’s a bit early) on the first day – how very glam.

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Find Flaxton Ptootch at 237 Kentish Town Road. Hibhana are residents from 3rd November and then every Sunday, 1030am-6pm.

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  • youngdonkey

    any idea what time they are going to be there on Sundays?

    • leslieworks Leslie

      Hard to read, but to youngdonkey it does say: 10:30am-6pm in the box above.
      Very glam indeed! Quite an unusual venture and collaboration. I like it!

  • Calliope

    Outstanding! Can’t wait to come have a new jacket cut for autumn work wardrobe! Keep up the independent creative ventures, Ktown!