Victorian Gas Holders (and Victorian-themed fun), at King’s Cross all weekend

The return of a much loved iron icon, plus a recap of all the fun things to do in the new NC1 postcode this Saturday and Sunday

Photomontage of some of the team from Bam who are rebuilding the Gas Holder Number 8 sitting on one of the lattice beams
Photomontage of some of the team from Bam, rebuilding Gas Holder Number 8, sitting on a lattice beam

The whole of the King’s Cross area is in justifiably celebratory mood this week. Following hot on the heels of the station’s brand spanking new Square, unveiled yesterday morning, comes the weekend-long King’s Cross Journeys festival.

Among the highlights (read our pick of the crop here) is the opening of Gas Holder number 8, for which the fetching photo above has been sent to us. Despite the sepia tones, it’s a very 2013 twist on the New York depression (and pre Health & Safety) era classic, Lunch atop a Skyscraper.

Gas Holder number 8 and its towering cylindrical neighbours were an iconic part of the local landscape for over 150 years. They are Grade II listed, so when the reconstruction of KX got underway, they were taken down, refurbished, and are now slowly going back up just over the canal from their original location.

The idea is to create a unique events space and children-friendly play area at the foot of the circular frame, including a giant shallow pool that can be splashed about in or viewed as a tranquil pond at night. We spotted the frame slowly going up a few weeks ago (see below) and really look forward to wandering among the iron frames this weekend – one of the very first times in 150 years that the structure has been open to the public.


The King’s Cross Square Carnival takes place in the new Square this Sat & Sun, with the Victorian era theme continuing up at Granary Square for King’s Cross Journeys (and a mini train linking the two. Toot toot!).


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