In Pictures: a hand-written playlist from an Ultimate Power night

Besides baking, there’s nothing Clare Zerny likes more than an (overcooked) power ballad. So we sent her down to the Camden’s notorious monthly bash, pen in hand…

Utimate Power Playlist

Readers may remember the Patisserie Diaries last year, which followed my progress studying for a diploma in baking. Well, I got there in the end and now I’m busy with my fledgling new business Flour of London making tarts for, amongst others, lovely local caff The Fields Beneath.

By day, cakes. By night, cheese: Clare Zerny

But that’s another story. Because besides baking, there’s nothing I like better than an (overcooked) power ballad. Big hair, massive guitar chords, harmonies in abundance and emotions rising to an inevitable climax…then a momentary pause before the always-euphoric key change. I’m thinking We Are The Champions by Queen, The Bangles’ Eternal Flame, Take My Breath Away by Berlin…

As Ultimate Power returns tonight at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, I thought I’d share our devotion from last month, where I went down, pen and paper in hand, to make a note of every song the DJ played. Why? Because I’m geeky like that.


And also I want you to feel my dedication to the cause. Weep at some of the most gravity-defying songs ever written. Allow your heart to be ripped out by a tear-jerker chorus. Pump the air to a life-affirming melody. And cast off the straitjacket of inhibition. Ahem.

Put your hands in the air. Pic: Clare Zerny
Punch the air like you just don’t care. Pic: Clare Zerny

In fact, why not just ask yourself: what would Meat Loaf do?

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Ultimate Power kicks off tonight 9pm. Head here for tickets

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