Pinboard: Any news on the Bull & Gate? And how Kentish Town squares up to Hackney

Plus this week: make your own mosaics, the Beardsmore Gallery’s big launch, new stuff at the Colonel Fawcett – and how we compete with the, er, fixed gear hipsters

When will this historic pub reopen?

Crowds cram the Bull & Gate's swansong as a music for Ed Harcourt's show. Photo: Justin McDermott
Close your eyes and imagine  a dining room. Crowds cram the Bull & Gate’s final ever bash. Photo: Justin McDermott

A fair few readers have tweeted or emailed us in the last couple of weeks wondering what on earth is going on with the Bull & Gate, which was meant to be throwing open its doors again any time now.

So this week we asked Young’s, who bought the pub earlier this year. In typically corporate style, they said: “We are in for planning at the moment. We have worked closely with all parties concerned; we hope to have some good news pretty soon. The plan is to re open the pub retaining all of the original features and restoring its Victorian look and feel. We are doing everything we can to get to a position where we can start the job and get this great pub open again.”

Now, whilst they’re clearly not giving anything away – and we may have got the wrong end of the stick here – is there something about all that that doesn’t sound quite right? Maybe it’s that pesky kitchen installation.

We’ll keep you posted.

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  • youngdonkey

    RE: the cycling

    Proximity to Regents Park, being at the foot of the north london alps (Swaine’s lane, highgate hill etc etc), some of the best independent bike shops in London (Simpsons, Chamberlain, Lunar), home of Rapha (high end bike fashion and sponsors to TDF winners Team Sky), a police officer who cycles (Peter Ryan) – need I continue? Yet yet, we lack a cycling club for those with aspirations to ride a bit faster and further. A gospel oak cycling club is trying to be formed, so if that can be plugged that would be good!

  • Dean

    Never thought I’d say this but I hope the Bull and gate gets converted into flats, a better end then becoming just another gastro.