In Pictures: the new antiques market on Queen’s Crescent

Every Saturday, there’s an increasing buzz down on its eastern side. Had a good root around yet?

Matt Townsend poses with his favourite Nash. Photo: Stephen Emms
Matt Townsend poses with his favourite Nash. Photos by Stephen Emms

It’s settling in a treat. Especially in this hot weather. And last Saturday, when we popped down to take these pictures of the new Queen’s Crescent antique market, we noticed that the stalls were buzzing with a real positivity.

The market is located in front of Matt Townsend’s elegant shop, which is open daily, itself packed with everything from an original 1960s oils to Victorian prints and 18th century occasional tables.

Jackie and James.
All smiles: Jacquie and James.

“I started business in Camden Lock/Portobello markets in 1970s,” he says, “before running Townsends architectural antiques and fireplaces from Abbey Road until 2005. By that point Chinese copies and a drift to minimalism had left many antique dealers bankrupt and in the doldrums”.

Vintage crockerySo what attracted him to the Crescent? “I love its cultural diversity, but have sadly watched its market slip into decline over many years. However, the tenacity and devotion of local people have, at last, wrenched control from the council and the future looks brighter. Queen’s Crescent must again become the destination of choice and I believe there is now an opportunity to make it happen.”

SunglassesAnd it seems other traders agree with him as they’ve all joined forces for the Saturday antiques market. So let’s support Matt, James, Barry, Heather and Jackie (who used to be up in Flash Walk, Hampstead) in their efforts to run an intriguing new weekly K-Town event, selling everything from paperbacks and retro sunglasses to crockery sets and “junktique” furniture.

“This will be the next Portobello,” reckons Matt, “so if you’re into antiques or deal come and stall out while pitches are available. People love digging around old stuff: there are some seriously beautiful things here – and after all, bits and pieces like this bind us together and make us what we are.”

For a report and more pictures on how the rest of Queen’s Crescent market is doing, head to our Pinboard today here.

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  • Joanna

    Flash Walk?! Love it!

    • Kentishtowner

      Doesn’t everyone call it that?

  • HethK

    Queen’s Crescent antique market? Has a good ring to it, don’t you agree?! Ventured down there and I must agree it is very good and a much needed boost to the area. Long may it continue.