It’s set to be a scorcher – so why not play NW5 by Madness quite loudly?

This lesser known track makes a fine listen on a balmy afternoon. So dig it out (or download it) and crank it up…

It’s going to be the first slow-roastin’ sun-drenched weekend of the summer. And what could be more joyous than a few beers and this little ditty from Madness, K-Town’s original pop heroes?

Yup, back when the Circle In The Square record shop plied its trade on Kentish Town Road (now occupied by, er, Tescos) they were top of the charts. But maybe you missed this recentish (OK, 2008) classic, NW5, which contains the line – blink and you can almost miss it – “from those very humble beginnings in NW5”?

And fact fans, it peaked at no.24 on Sunday 20th Jan 2008, later included on their 2009 album, The Liberty of Norton Folgate. Watch the video here:

Catchy, huh? So everybody, sing along now: “I would give you everything…”


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