My Big Fat Kentishtowner Wedding? Nearly!

Tim Sowula and his bride Elizabeth wanted to keep it as “Kentish” as possible on their wedding day. So how …

Kentishtowner wedding

Tim Sowula and his bride Elizabeth wanted to keep it as “Kentish” as possible on their wedding day. So how did they get on?

How do you choose from the thousands of suppliers who are all keen to relieve you of your money and charge you a wedding premium on your big day? Can you really keep it local? Is it, in fact, possible to have a big fat Kentishtowner wedding? We wanted to. And late last year, we did. Well, as much as we possibly could.

Writing as survivors, we found that you can still organise a lifelong memorable day without setting foot in a Wedding Show. Our advice is to ignore the pages of adverts at the back of the magazines, and start by looking around you. Find suppliers you can actually meet in person, and do so on more than one occasion.


Ultimately, keeping it as local as possible was not just a great idea from some right-on ideological or economic perspective. We discovered so much more about where we live, were able to talk face to face with those supplying our wedding day and a great deal of stress was taken out of the planning, as we didn’t have far to go to arrange anything.

Of course, there are things we haven’t covered – music, wedding cake, transport, rings. So here follows a by no means definitive, but hopefully useful guide to some of the essentials.

First up: Choosing venues


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  • Floralyd

    Well done Tim! I’m having a kentishtowner wedding in September at the beautiful Colonel Fawcett. Dress from Elizabeth Avey at Tufnell Park, flowers by grooms florist mum. The only aspect of the wedding I can’t cater for in Kentish is parking for the guests!

  • Tim

    Thanks Flora, the Fawcett is a brilliant venue, we considered it but unfortunately was too far from our church. Hope the preparations are going well

  • monica

    And here’s a link to the wedding photographer Monica – If you or you know anyone getting married, please get in touch x