Pinboard: Lucky Chip Burgers, A Pop-up at Harry’s – and us on the BBC1 News (Yikes!)

#1. The next menu at Lucky Chip! And Music Docs Ahoy Regular readers may be alarmed that it’s been a …

#1. The next menu at Lucky Chip! And Music Docs Ahoy

Regular readers may be alarmed that it’s been a while since we mentioned The Grafton; whilst they’re packing each night with films, quizzes and acoustic gigs, especially upstairs, it seems they’re just a little too shy to brag about it. Fair enough. But we’re intrigued especially by their Music Documentary Mondays. The likes of Live Forever and Journeys have already screened, and the final one of the month takes place next Monday 25, at 730pm: Crossfire Hurricane, the recent Rolling Stones doc directed by Brett Morgen. And if you didn’t already know, resident kitchen Lucky Chip’s new hipster burger-fuelled menu is firmly in place. We’ve been so busy these last few weeks we haven’t yet made it down, but will report back asap. Has anyone tried it yet?

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  • Tim

    Thanks for the outing! All my bits were totally improv

  • leslieworksLeslie

    Way to go Kentishtowner! Well done and congratulations on hitting the big time.

  • Owen

    Great bbc piece!
    Didn’t think much of Lucky Chip, burger was far too salty, although when I told them, next one was great.

    • Andy F.

      Ours were incredibly salty too (Kevin Bacon and a Royale). We’ve got a high salt tolerance, but it was really on the edge of being sent back, especially the fries. Could have been great, but instead the flavours were masked by the salt overdose.

  • Sue Odell

    Sally Kindberg & Smirk’s postcard exhibition at Mario’s Cafe is absolutely brilliant…..mugs and mugs of Mario’s coffees and tea required whilst you read all of them!

  • Chris

    Had burgers last night (20th March) from Lucky Chip, saltiness was not an issue which is good as I’m quite sensitive to it. However, as per the chicken I felt it didn’t live up to the hype; the burgers we had were both way over cooked (medium well) although the flavours from the sauce covering the ‘El Chapo’ burger were good. The best burger I’ve had to date there was The Heartbreaker served by Tongue ‘n Cheek at their pop up in December. Will give Luck Chip another go to be fair.

  • Dom

    Great work Tom, love the line “we don’t do stabbings and planning applications”

  • Owen

    The Big Dirty Burger is my favourite, they are back in Camden Brewery on saturday

  • Anon

    Lucky Chip was hugely disappointing. Went in hoping for fried chicken, which has of course gone to be replaced by burgers. Ordered the ribs which were hugely overpriced for what finally arrived. My friend’s burger was okay, but once again too expensive for the quality. I’m all for simple menus with fun themes, but the Grafton has taken it a step too far and began to lean into conning the customers territory – all for the high mark up. Won’t be ordering food from the Lucky Chip kitchen again.

    • just saying

      they’ve only just opened! give them a chance!! thats highly inconsiderate knowing they’re still getting to grips with this new venture! they’ve only been trading for 18-24 months altogether and look how far they’ve come since selling selling burgers in a tiny van, they must be doing something right.just look at how well theyve done (busy restaurants, chilli stand off winners, incredibly successful chicken pop-up)… rome wasnt built in a day! i find it really unfair when poeple slate new restaurants knowing how hard it is to set them up first place,thats why most of them close within a year,because of people like YOU! . stop being arrogant and maybe start encouraging small businesses to do well instead of the likes of byron, meat liquor, burger and lobster exc who have huge PR companies behind them!

  • Lili

    I went into Harry’s and tried the Phileas Hog pulled pork, as you would expect the pork was delicious(Harry’s of course) and they had a few homemade sauces, I tried the apple sauce which was one of the best I’d ever had, the chef said it was the amount of butter in it! Really nice bread too. Great for a quick delicious homemade lunch.

  • Dean

    My Lucky Chip burger had far too much ketchup, which was a shame as underneath all the sauce there was tasty burger fighting to get out.

  • Wendy

    WOW!! Kentishtowner, your BBC appearance was soo well deserved…don’t forget your old friends on your way up!!! Us at Kentish Canteen