Ich Bin Kentishtowner: Natasha Boon, 21, Flower Stall Owner

‘My career has taught me that I love to work with the public’


atasha Boon was born and brought up in Queen’s Crescent. Although she lives outside Kentish Town now, she took over the flower stall by the canopy last year and commutes in each morning. In a first for this column, Natasha handwrote her answers to the Q&A and emailed them to us. We liked the results so much – when did you last see anyone’s handwriting, after all? – we’ve published the pages exactly as they are, along with a selection of images from the iconic stall.

Natasha Page 1

Flowers Natasha

Natasha Page 2


Canopy lo

Natasha Page 3

Natasha lo 2

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  • Sue Odell

    What a GREAT ‘Ich Bin Kentishtowner’ page! I loved Natasha’s handwritten
    answers. She sounds gorgeous. I’ll be buying my flowers from her stall from now on!

  • leslieworksLeslie

    That was blinding. Nice departure from usual format. Very nice. I really enjoyed reading her answers interspersed with a collection of great photos. Fab!

  • Isabel

    This was such a lovely piece!

  • Kelly

    This was fantastic – both the content and the format. Would love to see more like this in the future.

  • Laura Murray

    So beautiful! One of, if not the, best Ich Bin Kentishtowners ever. I love her attitude & outlook.

  • Elizabeth Sowula

    Natasha is great – she really helped me out buying last-minute flowers for table settings for our wedding last year. Always a pleasure to buy from!

  • Gavin from House Presso

    Magic. A proper KTown girl.

  • MV

    Reading this made me happy!

  • Susan

    Hi Natasha! From now on, I will buy all my flowers from you. Lovely piece from a lovely person, Susan

  • Natalia S

    I love seeing her flowers, she is always so bubbly & friendly. It makes me feel so much happier walking around KT with the flowers stall & Bean About Town, fantastic happy combination. Love buying her flowers 🙂

  • Alison

    Talk about inspiring. Local secondary schools – how about inviting Natasha to speak to students?

  • Maria

    What a sweetheart you can really hear her personality through her words I hope she opens a florist shop soon.

  • Miriam

    Natasha’s always the first person that I see coming back from my trips exiting the tube. For me she’s the quintessential Kentish towner. I love how friendly and bubbly she is. I always pity her for being surrounded by all the drunks and drug addicts, though. But I think she’s tough enough to help herself 🙂

  • JJ

    Really lovely piece. Good reflection of what Natasha is like and I do take my hat off for her drive and hard work to set up a business loved by the community. We are regular customers.

  • Asmara

    Wow, I’ve grown up with Natasha and to see that her hard work has’nt gone unnoticed is amazing! She inspires me to work harder!!! Not only is she a funny and bubbly girl, but she has a heart of gold.. It’s a blessing to know her and she sells the most beautiful flowers. GO TASH! 😉

  • Louis Barham

    Tasha, wow…where to start? really inspirational and modest. its humbling to read 🙂 Good luck in the future.

  • Fay

    Loved reading this ich bin again. Sad that she can’t afford to live in Kentish town as an adult after her whole life. Makes me worry for my own kids.
    Love her stall and smiley face!

  • Natasha M.

    I’ve bought flowers from Natasha’s stall on a few occasions, they’re beautiful and last far longer than any others I’ve purchased elsewhere and they’re great value. Kentishtowner has become my must read for local information 🙂

  • Semone Boyle

    Love reading about Tasha and her mum Elaine who’s my friend has the exact same outlook loves selling flowers and flower arranging go girls proud to be a ketishtowner

  • Semone Boyle

    Love reading about Tasha and her mum Elaine who’s my friend has the exact same outlook loves selling flowers and flower arranging go girls proud to be a ketishtowner

  • Alison

    Love Natasha! Always has the best flowers and so blooming lovely! X

  • Sparkle Rainbow

    Love this girl! Beautiful flowers, always friendly, a real K Town institution. Support your local retailers people!