A New Banksy in Kentish Town?

We know something’s up when a spate of readers all email us about the same thing in the course of …

Guess who?
Any ideas?

We know something’s up when a spate of readers all email us about the same thing in the course of an hour. “Walking the dog this morning,” wrote novelist Emma Dally, “I noticed a Banksy (or Banksy lookalike) on a wall in Willingham Terrace (off Leighton Road. It’s of a little boy peeing into a policeman’s helmet. Hope it doesn’t get sent off to an auction house.” Reader Samantha Collins was next: “Anyone else wondering if the new addition to the side wall of Leighton Road Tandoori is a Banksy?” And several others followed throughout the morning, as we were racing to publish our Marine Ices exclusive. So nothing could hold us back from pegging it up Leighton Road at lunchtime.

Banksy?Bristol-born Banksy, who is in his late thirties, has a long association with both Camden And Kentish Town, with pieces having appeared regularly, from Oval Road to Jeffrey’s Street to the famous maid sweeping on Chalk Farm Road. “His work typically includes satirical social and political commentary, and ranges from murals to sculpture and installation,” says the Artlyst site, “often playing with the contextual aspects of the work.”

Now, much as we love our art, we don’t profess to be experts here at the Kentishtowner, so please advise us below on the merits of the “peeing boy” – and whether or not it’s really by the fella himself. We’re guessing nope.

And, finally, what on earth does it all mean? Urinating in public in Kentish Town? It simply doesn’t happen. Ahem.


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  • Dave Hodgkinson (@davehodg)

    Oval Street? Where’s that? Oval Road maybe…

  • Kentishtowner


  • Ben Skinner

    Doesnt look like a banksy to me either in style or concept… if it IS a banksy then he’s defo run out of ideas….

  • beduinternational

    Have no idea who did it but maybe it has something to do with the (apparent) law about pregnant women http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1568475/Ten-stupidest-laws-are-named.html

  • pascal

    I agree with Ben – stylistically not quite right, apart from the police helmet. I know that wall; They better get the power tools out as it won’t last long there.

  • No Walls

    Definitely not a Banksy, more like a Wanksy.

  • Joe McNally (@GaspardWinckler)

    Looks more like whoever did the girl with the missile at the top of Oval Road opposite the Pirate Castle.

  • Rory Edmonds

    i agree ben and pascal – it is also badly done (there are spray marks on the flaw)
    however most significantly: it is signed by ‘urban art international’
    it would be nice to get a better journalist on the case

  • Susan

    This piece is by Otto Schade

    • Kentishtowner

      Mystery solved. Thanks Susan.

  • Sharon Davis (@Devils_Avocado)

    There’s also a Banksy-esque Horse/Donkey with a Tesco label on it around 17 Hawley Road…

  • Leon

    Still criminal damage?

  • Chris

    We’re always looking for local spots like this to be added to (Tufnell Park based) streetspot.it before they get cleaned up, as a permanent record of street art across the city. Kentish Town has the great Mr P and the ATG collective but of course any artists are welcome

  • Hi_Street_Ken

    You only need look to the left of the work to see Urban Rat International tagged to mark / signature the work…

  • Hi_Street_Ken

    Otto Schade is not the artist but the photographer…

  • nineo-o

    Art on a very dull and lifeless wall

  • Lu

    Why does that link say clerkenwell then?