Top 5: Hangouts for Justin Timberlake in Kentish Town

It’s no surprise that he’s playing at the Forum tonight but where should he head to before and after?

Yes, tickets for Justin Timberlake’s “surprise” post-BRITS show at The Forum tonight sold out within minutes of going on sale. And since he’s on stage at the weekday witching hour of 11pm (we’ll be giving you the full review tomorrow) we reckon it’s set to be a bonanza for late-night haunts like Kentish Canteen, Dirty Burger, Chicken Shop and Hazraj. But where should Jus hang out if he has a bit of time to spare? Will he be popping to Blustons like Rihanna? Let’s take a very light-hearted look at his Top 5.

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1. Fried Chicken at The Grafton

Lucky foodJustin is often spotted by the celebrity rags tucking into plates of fried green tomatoes and buttermilk fried chicken, so we advise he hotfoots it straight to Lucky Chip, the tres hipster poultry pop-up at The Grafton. Lots of manly bourbon-based cocktails too, should he feel the need for the hard stuff, and he’ll be reassured to hear that The Grafton has already attracted its fair share of A-listers, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. 20 Prince Of Wales Road NW5

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2. Ace Sports

Aces sport shop, interiorThe Big J must get through trainers like we do negronis at Shebeen, so how about dashing across the road from The Forum to high five owner Nick at Kentish Town’s longest-running sports shop? And then picking up some new Nikes perhaps? A hoodie or two? He could even give NW5’s economy a boost by grabbing a few gifts for his homies back in LA. 6 Fortess Road NW5

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3. Kentish Town Sports Centre

prince of wales swimming bathsOnce he’s bought a nice snug pair of speedos we suggest Justin trots down to London’s most elegantly restored Victorian pool; with his rigorous work-out schedules a pre-gig swim is surely a must. Furthermore, it’s an opportunity to offer Kentish Town’s ladies and (and no doubt a lively proportion of men) the chance to ogle the trousersnake in all its glory. Corner of Grafton & Prince Of Wales Roads NW5

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4. Ruby Violet

Ruby VioletAll those ferociously demanding dance routines require real stamina, right? So we recommend Jus loads up the sugar at this uber-stylish ice cream parlour. Chocolate chip, Strawberry and Chocolate Mocha Chip are alleged to be the boy’s favourites, but how about an off-piste salted caramel, or the ‘hyperlocal’ Tufnell Park Honey? And is he butch enough to tackle the chilli chocolate? 118 Fortess Road NW5

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5. Southampton Arms

southamptonMost American superstars like to sample a “Briddish pint” or two on their visits and where better to kick-back than either of NW5’s top alehouses The Pineapple (51 Leverton Street) and Southampton Arms, both so near The Forum that he could literally finish up and jump on stage? After the show, we’re sure Ash or Matthew would let him belt out Cry Me A River around the old joanna too. Just go easy on the ‘N Sync hits, OK? 139 Highgate Road

Oh and psssst….how about a secret #6? We know a little place on the high street, Mr Timberlake, where you can party with a bevy of topless lovelies in a hot tub. Yeah, just like a Vegas penthouse. That’ll bring SexyBack.

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Words: Stephen Emms

Look out for our exclusive review of Justin’s gig tomorrow.

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