Video: ATG’s Mr P updating the Kentish Town graffiti

Brilliant short film directed by Billy Boyd Cape captures the moment in all its glory

Ever wondered how today’s Ich Bin Kentishtowner interviewee, Mr P, refreshed that iconic Kentish Town logo a couple of years back? Then watch this short, directed by local wunderkind Billy Boyd Cape, who also shot last year’s ‘Superhero’ video for Mr Hudson’s BIGkids project around NW5.

Oh, and look out too for a cameo appearance from the irrepressible Michael ‘Flaxon’ Ptootch. Hard hats at the ready.


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  • BDS

    What a shame they did not have the grace to leave some space between their work and the much older and more interesting “joinery works” lettering.

    • Jack

      I think it’s more of a case that it’s nice we left the old joinery letters below it and didn’t cover the whole wall with a mural. Mr glass half empty.

  • Lish

    it would have been nice if you had included the Exclamation Mark, in the refreshed throw up, Jack!