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Jack ‘Mr P’ Murray is part of ATG or ‘Ahead’a The Game’, a crew of graffiti writers, visual artists, and …

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Jack ‘Mr P’ Murray is part of ATG or ‘Ahead’a The Game’, a crew of graffiti writers, visual artists, and musicians formed in Northwest London in 2000. The former Acland Burghley school pupil, who penned the famous graffiti above the station in 2005, has become one of the most sought-after street artists of his generation. If you haven’t seen his new work above Flaxon Ptootch, check it out here.

Mr PWhen were you happiest?
Painting the first flower mural on Flaxon Ptootch (below left) and doing my first show there in 2005 was a happy moment. Also doing the updated ‘Kentish Town’ piece by the station last year. It combined my passion and what I love about the area and people’s attitudes towards life.

Where would you like to live?
I’m happy where I am but I’ve always liked the look of the light, spacious flat on the corner junction of Highgate rd and Fortess road, just above the old public toilets. Also the turret of the assembly house – and I think everyone wants to live on the colourful street that Mario’s is on.


What is your favourite sound or smell?
My favourite sound in the manor used to be the rag and bone man. Nowadays I’m loving the guy with the mini sound system under the old bus shelter who’s usually chilling with ‘dressing gown man’. I also like the sound of the the ‘cardboard box head’ man’s ramblings. Sometimes quite funny if you can tune in to them. Alma St party is always a joy to the senses also.

What is your greatest life achievement?
My greatest life achievement would have to be waking up everyday and being able to do what I love.

Gaisford StreetWhat is the most important lesson life has taught you?
The most important thing I have learned in life is that, even in the face of tragedy or hard times you should remember your life is a beautiful thing that should be cherished. Remain as positive and open as possible while you’re still here; you could be gone tomorrow.

What is your earliest memory?
My earliest KT memories would be playing out in the street by our old house on Allcroft rd, Queen’s Crescent aged 4. A local naughty kid called Ricky Dean ran me over on his bicycle. I was dramatically trying to peddle my way to safety on my tricycle but it was no match for his BMX. Basically I was mowed down in a fierce hit and run style attack.

What makes you unhappy?
The value system in today’s society.

The old Flaxon mural
The old Flaxon mural
What simple thing would improve your quality of life>

What is your guilty pleasure (in the manor)?
Drawing on things I shouldn’t – and Sam’s chicken.

Where do you hang out?
The Wine Cellar, Mario’s, The Heath, most the pubs in Kentish and Tufnell…Crown and Goose in Camden. and anywhere on the Overground line Between Willesden junction and Stratford.

Who or what do you hate and why?
I try not to hate anything or anyone because hate is a negative cycle that gets you nowhere…oh except paedos and rapists.

What’s the worst thing anyone’s said to you?
“Next week you are probably going to be sent to prison.”

Catch him here: the Wine Cellar
Catch him here: the Wine Cellar
Tell us a secret.
Jimmy Saville was a sexual deviant.

What has your career taught you?
My career has taught me not to always jump at jobs for the money or agree to working on a project with someone on the basis it will benefit me in the long run. People often want to use your work or name purely as a way to boost their own career regardless of which position it leaves you in. Over the years I have got better at recognizing and swerving these situations. On the flipside, I’ve learned the importance of doing work for free for the right people and for the right reasons.

What is your favourite dish and why?
Brown stew chicken, rice and peas, coleslaw and plantain is one of my favourite dishes. Literally the only thing missing from the Kentish/Camden food map is a Carribean Takeaway place. Someone needs to have a word.

kentish town graf 056

Watch the brilliant short film to see exactly how Mr P climbed up to refresh the original Kentish Town graffiti here.

Main photos by Stephen Emms, all others by Jack Murray, except Wine Cellar by Tom Storr.

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  • justincormack

    Ah yes Mum’s Kitchen was a fine asset to Kentish Town, the best rice and peas and curry goat, it is missing…

  • Claire

    As Carribean places go what about Guanabana in the lower reaches of Kentish Town High Street? Granted haven’t been there for a while… perhaps time for a review Kentishtowner??

  • Holly

    Wow this is the best Ich Bin yet! There is not a lot that could make me smile at 5:30am in January. Mario’s, those houses on pick n’ mix lane, dressing gown man (who now seems to have a lone slipper) and Sam’s Chicken (oh the shame) This man is a true-Kentishtowner obviously. What a good read.