Review: Los Pollos, Kentish Town Road

Kentish Town isn’t exactly lacking in outlets catering to the poultry lover on the go. There’s Nando’s, Chicken Cottage, Sam’s …

Kentish Town isn’t exactly lacking in outlets catering to the poultry lover on the go. There’s Nando’s, Chicken Cottage, Sam’s Chicken and, of course Chicken Shop, who all serve up their own take on the classic chook and chips combo. So when a fifth was added to this stretch, we were intrigued.

We finally stopped by Los Pollos early evening the other week; already rather packed with the post-school crowd, our first impression was that the decor is mighty similar to that of another popular chain (lots of wood and chilli motifs), a similarity that crosses over into the menu.

A ‘wings meal’ consisted of six of the flying things, together with chips and pitta. Whilst the wings seemed to have come from some kind of miniature beastie, given that you could clean the meat right off in one fell bite, the marinade was surprisingly tangy, its medium heat delivering the right balance of spice and saltiness. Crispy skin was a very welcome addition too. But the chips were pretty standard, mostly crispy, with a bit of sogginess thrown in for good measure – and served in the requisite silver bucket one expects from casual dining establishments nowadays.

The most curious aspect of the meal was the signature sauce: looking like it should taste of sweet chilli, it was more akin to a raita (carrot-flavoured, we later found out). Bizarre, but moreish for dipping chips in, much to the horror of my dining companion.

Our other choice, a chicken strips salad, was relatively disappointing: shredded lettuce and tomato coupled with a breast less flavourful than the wings, albeit moist. Its saving grace was a mango smoothie, extremely fresh and sweet.

In fact, it was the drinks that were by the most favoured part of our experience: the Oreo milkshake was fought over, its cold creaminess and little bits of biscuit towering head and shoulders above everything else. And a quick perusal of Twitter shows that many others share this love; a solid after school treat, in fact, for sweet-toothed local kids.

Los Pollos is obviously not trying to compete with the likes of Chicken Shop; instead, it’s a simple independent take on Nando’s. Constantly packed with teenagers and young families, it’s obvious customers have clocked how reasonable it is – our entire meal and two drinks came to just over £11. While it’s not something rave about to friends, it still offers a quick, cheap fix of quality fast food. You’re not going to be blown away, but you’re not going to be overly disappointed either.

And the milkshakes… if anything, go for the milkshakes.

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159 Kentish Town Road. Kentishtowner Rating 6/10. Meal for two £10-15.

Words: Conor Fisk


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  • dchristie88

    A teen filled fake nandos with soggy chips and better milkshakes than chicken got the same rating as the Gordan Ramsay establishment York & Albany… not sure how that one works out…

    • Dan

      How much would chicken and chips twice with Oreo milkshakes cost at Y&A though?

  • Bazzach17

    Two different mates have been there on different nites and have been very unwell avoid at all costs!!!!!

  • Kerry

    Highly disagree have ate there on many different occasions and have enjoyed it very much not to sure about that comment

  • Edward

    It’s a great place to eat and food is excellent , value for money !! Better than all the other pfc shops in Camden or Kentish town

  • Mandy

    Great value great taste great place woll be ordering again

  • Pat K

    why are these type chicken shops 100% halal when only a small percentage of british are muslim? Does anyone know if Chicken Shop/Lucky Chip are also 100% halal?

    • michelle

      because some are in areas with a high population of muslims who only eat halal

      • Pat K

        Thankfully Chicken Shop is not Halal.

        • Tony

          Pat K, you’re an idiot. Halal meat literally has the blood drained and the livestock is produced in a less stressful environment . Ignorant person.

          • Pat K

            ‘less stressful environment’, please do go on…

    • shelim6

      Why does it make a difference to you whether it is halal or not clearly you don’t have a preference on the meat and where it is from and how it is prepared. You will be sad to know that A LOT of chicken and chips shops (not that this place is your typical chicken and chips) are halal. kthxbye

  • Fay Ali

    Very much disagree with the bad reviews i went there 5 times so far and I love it as everyone else who went there with me.The staff are very friendly and polite and I would definitely be going there again.

  • Sarah Peak

    I also disagree with the bad reviews! The chicken is delicious (we always ask for extra spicy) and the staff are great – friendly, fast and helpful. I’d go so far as to say the chicken is better than at the Chicken Shop – though it lacks the atmosphere, as it serves a different purpose. We always takeaway, so not fussed by the decor. Great value, too.

  • shelim6

    I actually loved the food there when I went with some friends after being recommended for the first time but waiting 45 mins for the juicy lucy meal was the only downside to 1st experience there, not a negative as such! Definitely would go and eat there many more times, and definitely recommend this place to all 🙂

  • Walter White

    I’d like to speak to Gus, tell him it’s urgent.