Watch Jeremy Deller’s Inflatable Stonehenge, um, Inflate

You’ve only got a few hours to sample another of the cultural delights of Summer 2012 as it makes a …

You’ve only got a few hours to sample another of the cultural delights of Summer 2012 as it makes a fleeting visit to the manor today.

Jeremy Deller’s ‘Sacrilege’, a towering, faithful interpretation of Stonehenge hewn in bouncy castle form, can be found right now at the foot of Parliament Hill Fields (behind the Lido).

We arrive as it opened this morning and already a crowd had gathered, eager to take their shoes off and get their bounce on.

Here’s video of the moment the whole thing was blown up, a remarkably fast process considering its size and actually integral to the majesty of the piece.

We loved a rare chance to join in some bouncy fun, as everyone from game toddlers to sporting pensioners got involved. ‘Sacrilege’ looks best when covered in bodies, bringing joyous animation and noise to a symbol of timeless solidity.

Gymnasts from Camden’s local gyms took over the next 10 minute session effortlessly pulling off the kind of backflipping moves that dominate BBC1 at the moment, but with ‘Sacrilege’ gifting them the kind of extra height (and fearlessness) that would have anti-doping teams scratching their heads.

By half ten the queue was 200 strong. You’ve got until 6pm to enjoy it though, so multiple sessions should be quite easy and don’t cost a bean.

As the next wave of bouncing summer holiday kids went batshit among the inflatable monoliths, we pondered why life doesn’t contain more chances to jump around on giant inflatable representations of sacred prehistoric stone structures – when it’s obviously so much fun.

And in the spirit of the genre, who can furnish us with the punchline to this classic cracker joke before Stonehenge falls at 6pm. What did the inflatable headmaster say to the inflatable boy with the pin at the inflatable school…

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Words & Pics: Tom Kihl
More Pics: Stephen Emms


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  • Stephen

    You’ve let me down, you’ve let the school down, and you’ve let yourself down!

  • K

    How rubbish that people that actually work will not get to see it!