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Go See: Laurel Nakadate at the Zabludowicz

Just a quick post to encourage you all to pop down to Zabludowicz’s latest show. Everytime we visit this gallery we can’t believe how lucky we are to have it on our doorstep.

Till Dec 11 is the first solo show from Laurel Nakadate, an American artist who works with film, photography and performance. Nakadate puts herself (indeed, often her actual body) at the centre of what she does – with funny, touching and sometimes shocking results.


She often seeks out strangers or random people to work with – our favourite was “Oops!(2000), a three-channel installation in which she was invited into the homes of men she met through chance encounters, asking them to dance with her to Britney Spears’ iconic song. Really.

And it’s worth heading to the gallery this week (11-16 October) as late-opening hours apply: Tuesday – Saturday, 11am-8pm and Sunday 12-6pm.

In fact, whilst we’re raving about the place, we’re also pretty excited by the new season of free movies about to start. Sunday Nov 6 sees the return of the gallery’s pop-up cinema, showcasing weekly American films for FREE at the lovely time of 4pm, starting with Lolita. Amaze.

And even if art or the movies ain’t your thing (maybe you’re dead?) they’ve spruced up the cafe too – so don’t miss some of the best coffee and cakes in NW5.

176 Prince Of Wales Road NW5. Interested? Read more.

8 thoughts on “Go See: Laurel Nakadate at the Zabludowicz”

  1. Sounds brilliant, thanks for posting about this. I’m always slightly ashamed I don’t go more often. Really nice staff in there too, and good place for art mags, now thw Owl bookshop doesn’t do them anymore.

    1. Go go go! And check out the new show at Spring Studios too – “Escape Into The Upper Air”. Very good. Although not quite as good as the negronis in the bar upstairs.

  2. Agreed – really like the tear project. It’s a great show and one of the best to date we think. We’ll hopefully see people at the film screenings….

  3. I went! I saw! I concurr..oh hang on, I hated it! well, not hated exactly but you know that thing when you’re reading a book and suddenly the author’s voice pokes through and you can’t believe in the book any more and have to give up on it…well, I found LN’s narcissism just intrusive enough to spoil the work,. But it’s 7 hours later and I’m still having an argument with myself about it, so I count it as a success. Top tip, thankyou.

  4. Yes! exactly. The show was redeemed, for me, by the last piece I looked at, the one in which she acted out death scenes. Extremely funny and very touching, Struck me that the piece which apperared to carry the most genuine feeling was the one in which she spent most of the time immobile or with her back to camera. Argh, I’ve become obsessed with the damned thing now and will have to go back. Anyway, this all pales into insignificance next to imminent Pizza Express disaster up above.

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