Hairy Art Hole

Hairdressers. Despite their proliferation across the main streets and back alleys of NW5, they’re not something we give much thought …

Hairdressers. Despite their proliferation across the main streets and back alleys of NW5, they’re not something we give much thought to. Maybe it’s to do with yours truly having as much need for a barber as a fish has for a bicycle; and as for Mrs Kentishtowner, well she won’t entertain the idea of a chop beyond the fringes of W1.

But we couldn’t help noticing the appearance of the tres stylish Oskar Pink (who has another salon in Chalk Farm), which opened recently on the grotty bit of the high street opposite the wonderful Wine Cellar, and now, well, to be frank, we keep on hearing about Flaxon Ptootch.

Despite gushing endorsements from none less than Tom Kentishtowner, we confess we’ve never set foot in the salon. (Mrs Kentishtowner has snorted at the name, it has to be said, but then she would.)


Anyway, all this is a preamble to the fact they we were intrigued by an invite from Michael Ptootch himself to check out the monthly “Art Show Thursday” tonight. Local graffiti artists! (Nick Terry and Robert Penney) Live Music! (Adeo and friends at 9pm) Short films! (from Billy Boyd). And if all that’s not cultural enough, you can drink yourself into oblivion with “perfect punch”, or even throw some shapes courtesy of DJs Alice Moxie, Mark Ratcliff ‘n’ Dave Vega.

So hair salon my arse. This is something quite different. Oh, and on a food note, anyone with strong views about NW5’s curryhouses should get in touch, if they haven’t already, for next week’s special. Top 5’s more than welcome. You’ll need a nice creamy korma after all that punch, anyway.


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  • JS

    I recommend you try Lahore Kebabish on Chetwynd Road. On the site of the old Chameli, whose chef was a proper talent whose food was more top Mumbai hotel than Anglo-English high-street. Lamented. But now replaced (a few months back) by a Punjabi joint which offers the closest thing to Indian home-cooking you’ll get in NW5. Unpretty, shall we say “boldly-spiced” dishes cooked by the owner’s wife. Everything is good, but the veggie dishes and breads are outstanding. The mistake they’ve made is that the place looks like a high-street Indian c1995 rather than someone’s front-room, which would be more fitting for the cooking. It is, consequently, struggling but the food makes it worth a visit.

  • JS

    Anglo-Indian, not Anglo-English. Gah.

  • Kentishtowner

    It sounds amazing, JS. Will do our best – or send me a review if you like and any pics.

    On a Flaxon note, we forgot to say that if anyone has any views on previous art nights – we’d love to hear them! Ta.

  • Dave C

    A great hairdresser’s, friendly and relaxed atmostphere, cool and contempory music playing, combine that with the skill of the stylists and you’ll walk out looking a million dollars

  • Helen

    Flaxon Ptooch is pricey and not that great. Oskar pink however is fab – ask for Noemi who does brilliant cuts.