Tomates Breton at Cote

Reader Special Offer: Cote Brasserie, Camden

With the sun out and its grand trees gently dappling light across the pavements, Parkway can have touch of the French boulevard about it. Well, more so than its cartographical status as one of London’s arterial thoroughfares might otherwise belie, anyway. So the arrival of Cote, the bistro chic chain

16 Aug 2012



Spice & Rice

Midweek Dinner: Spice & Rice, West Kentish Town

What mysterious alchemy happens at the former tramway junction of Malden and Prince Of Wales Roads? If you head south to Ferdinand Street, within seconds you’re outside characterful dive bar Spiritual Caipirinha in the bump of Camden Town; go east and you’re at verdant Talacre Gardens; west is just a

22 May 2012



Exterior, The Hill

Midweek Dinner: The Hill, Steele’s Village

It doesn’t seem so long ago that the Load of Hay was a boarded up, gravely threatened pub location boasting little more than former glories and occasional squat parties. Yet its successful resurrection as The Hill is actually now near on a decade strong. From those early gastro-boozer beginnings, the

02 May 2012




Midweek Dinner: Eat Zone

Sometimes only Hainanese Chicken Rice will do. Or at least that’s the case if you are my Singaporean Missus, recovering from a cold on a blustery midweek night, feeling one’s distance from the equator in a rather soggy Kentish Town. This dish, of poached chicken served with fragrant rice, cucumber,

17 Apr 2012



Lord Stanley

Midweek Dinner: Lord Stanley, Camden

Priced out of NW5 – oh, the irony! – our petite new wood-floored office is just over the fast-flowing river of Camden Road into N7, and a butt’s flick from this classic boozer. Contributor Mark Williams recently raved about their Sunday lunches, but we’re enjoying the food here so much

28 Mar 2012



Hazraj Kentish Town

Review: Mumbai Street Food at Hazraj, Kentish Town

Catch her off-guard, and Mrs Kentishtowner will slyly admit that her favourite hobby is to epater les bourgeois. And she has awarded Hazraj, a low-key diner on Fortess Road specializing in Mumbai street food, an exceedingly rare 9/10. These two facts may, or may not, be related. Hazraj is unassuming,

08 Mar 2012



Quo Vadis

Midweek Dinner: Bar food at Quo Vadis, Soho

Some of you may have had a relationship with Quo Vadis, on Greek Street, over the years. Mrs Kentishtowner, in jocular mode, compares it to a handsome hunk she banged in her twenties, dumped in her early thirties, and is now enamoured with once more (and therein lies the story

07 Mar 2012



Meze Ockabasishish

Midweek Dinner: Chicken Shish at Meze Ocakbasi

In the light of E.mono and Lahore Masala mania we thought we’d tempt you kebabrazeee folk to try Meze Ocakbasi on our very own vibrant Crescent. Yes, we’ve talked about this place before, but only recently have we started to eat in, armed with a cost-cutting BYO bottle of red.

29 Feb 2012



The Vine Kentish Town

Midweek Dinner: Oxtail Stew at The Vine

We’ve eaten a couple of times at The Vine again recently, and are happy to report that, after the odd hiccup last year, it seems to have found its stride, and is road-blocked now at weekends with buggies, wine-gulping parents, and ankle-biters of various sizes and volumes. Above is our

22 Feb 2012



10 Greek Street

Midweek Dinner: Is 10 Greek Street Soho’s new hotspot?

This mouthwatering plate was served to us at 10 Greek Street, yet another little candle-lit joint in Soho, with the vibe of a Ducksoup or Polpo. It was a little quiet, it’s fair to say, but then the rain was coming down outside – and the place has only been

15 Feb 2012