Over very own DIY nightclub heritage trail

Over very own DIY nightclub heritage trail. All photos Tom Kihl/ Stephen Emms/ © London Belongs To Me Ltd

It’s fair to say we were overwhelmed with the outpouring of emotion after last Friday’s feature on Lost London Nightclubs – not to mention the hundreds of thousands of views. It only confirms the huge significance that these establishments hold to so many people.

And many of you suggested – like Paul Oakenfold a decade earlier – that the buildings’ heritage needs to be celebrated.

So what better way to underline this cultural importance than a blue plaque? The famous ceramic discs that celebrate our most notable playwrights, actors and scientists?

The End AKA 1

And yup, that’s exactly what we’ve done. We called our mate, the artist Alban Low, and together knocked up five unique Kentishtowner plaques to commemorate these legendary party palaces with the cheeky reverence they deserve. For quotes, we selected the best lines from Tom’s original feature last week.

Said plaques in hand, we flew around town this afternoon armed with a ‘telescopic’ window-cleaning pole to ensure they were posted at the correct height.

Find out how we got on over the next few pages…

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Words & Photographs: Tom Kihl & Stephen Emms
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